Moving House in Sydney Cheaply is Easier than You Think!

When you are moving to another home, you might think the moving process will be very expensive. However, there are many ways you can save and move cheaply in Sydney, even while using a professional Sydney removalist company.

1.     Choosing a Quality Sydney Removalist

When looking for a quality Sydney removalist, it is important to collect at least three quotations and ensure the quotes are similar in terms of quality of service, accreditation and customer satisfaction so you can compare apples with apples. Not all removalist companies are the same. Use this opportunity to find out which services they offer, which would be best for you, are they accredited by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), and carefully check their independent customer reviews. Remember, you don’t need to sacrifice quality for a cheap removalist, when you can have both with ZOOM.

2.     Pick the Right Time to Move

If you have any flexibility in choosing your moving date, then try booking your move when it will be cheaper and you could save between 15-25% off standard moving rates. Ideally, your move should take place during the off-peak moving season, between March and September, and try to schedule your move during the middle of the month and mid-week (avoid weekends).

Moving cheaply is difficult October through February, and near impossible on national or public holidays. If possible, book your move as early as you can to get a further price discount. This will also help with not feeling pressured to take any so-called deals you find at the last minute. Hire a removalist that offers something like “Move Cheap Tuesdays”, in which the call out fee is waived, to help save you even more.

3.     Save Money on Packing Supplies

If you are planning to pack all of your belongings yourself, then this tip is especially for you. As you may be aware, buying moving boxes and packing materials can be very expensive and could use up a large portion of your moving budget. Do not fear. There are ways you can save money. You can use clothing, bedding, and towels to wrap fragile items and also to pad the moving boxes so your items do not move while being carried around or during transit. And if you use a professional removalist make sure you ask them to give you free plastic wraps to help protect your couches, chairs and mattresses (learn how to move a mattress).

You also don’t have to buy moving boxes. You can borrow free professional moving boxes from ZOOM Removals.

4.     Sell or Donate Unwanted Items to Move Less

Decluttering your home of unwanted and unused items is one of the best and easiest ways of moving cheaply. Many of us accumulate a lot of possessions, some of which we hold for sentimental reasons, others because we think we will use them in future, or it’s just easier to keep them. Use your moving home opportunity to get rid of all the items you definitely don’t want or won’t use again. Selling items will help pay for your move and donating them will help others, but either way your move will be cheaper because you’re moving fewer things, and you’ll move into a less cluttered home. Win, win, win!

5.     Reduce Your Expenses Before Your Move

Another tip for moving cheaply is to reduce your expenses before moving day arrives. For example, if you are going to pack all your belongings yourself, you could opt to cancel any services you’ll be too busy to use while your packing and moving home, (e.g., TV subscriptions, broadband services, etc.). Also, you can save on food expenses by meal planning to finish up any food in your fridge and freezer, and any open packets of food in your pantry.


Need Professional Help?

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As with all heavy and difficult objects, it’s always best to let the experts handle them you. Our removalists have the tools, trucks and experience to move your mattress safely and without any hassle. Just give us a call and we’ll do the rest.

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