Moving to the City? Read These 5 Smart Tips First

Whether you live in a small town or if you’re already living in the city, city moves are a breed apart. Carting heavy furniture up four floors or trying to crowd your spinet piano into your building’s lift challenges even the most seasoned removalists and their customers. Yet, if you prepare well for your move, your city move can be more an adventure than a stressor. Here are some tips from some of Sydney’s top removalists:

1. Pack Smart

First of all, see if your removalists provide free boxes for your move. Many removalists supply their own boxes—which are much sturdier than the ones you get from your friends at the supermarket. Once you have your boxes, start packing early. Pack lighter items in larger boxes and heavier ones in smaller boxes. If you’re too busy to organise your packing, consider having your removalists pack for you. It will save you time (and after all, time’s money) in the long-run.

2. Tell Your Removalists about Any Special Challenges

Living in the city often means that parking is at a premium. High-rise apartments, as well as walk-up flats, make it difficult to manoeuvre large, bulky pieces of furniture. Inform your removalists about which hours are the worst for finding parking and about any particular trouble spots within your buildings—like that tiny elevator that leads to your floor. It’s a good idea to scout out your new home’s area, too, so you can alert your removalists to any challenges on the other end, too.

3. If You Don’t Need It, Toss It

Space is tight in city dwellings. Rural residents who move to the city for the first time may marvel at the tiny space into which they need to move all their belongings. Be ruthless. Donate or toss anything you don’t absolutely need or love. Those belongings you do treasure—be sure that the removalists you hire will treat them with kid gloves.

4. Prepare for a New Way of Life

When you move into the city from the suburbs or from a rural area, you need to steel yourself for the differences in daily life. Learn to walk, bike, or take public transport for most of your errands. You’ll stay in better shape and meet more people. And, you’ll avoid the hassle of navigating heavy traffic on crowded streets. You may need to go the market more often, since it’s difficult to haul a lot of grocery bags up several flights of stairs or up a lift. The trade-off, though, is that you’ll find a better selection, fresher produce, and finer-quality meats.

5. Celebrate the City

One of the high points of city living is the availability of cultural opportunities. World-class restaurants, museums, symphony orchestras, and libraries—all within walking or biking distance—give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the finer things in life. Make the effort to find out what’s on offer and make the most of your city move.

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