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Moves You Shouldn’t DIY

Why pay someone to do something when you can do it yourself? We Australians, with our can-do attitude, love to do projects ourselves—without the help of a professional.

When it comes to moving, though, there are a few types of removals you should never try to do without the help of professional removalists:


Long-Distance Moves


Unless you’re moving for the first time into a fully furnished flat, a DIY long-distance move just isn’t feasible.

If you’re moving house from Sydney to one of the other major cities in the country, you can’t do it a little each day with your ute like you could if you were just moving a couple of streets away.

  • You lack driving expertise: You’ll have to pack up all your belongings in a van and take them at one time. That takes specialised expertise—and that’s just the driving part. If you don’t drive large trucks for a living, you shouldn’t be on the road with a large van. Parking, blind-spot detection, and assured clear distance are way different for a large moving van than they are for your car—or even your ute.
  • You lack packing expertise: To pack up all your things and expect them to make it to your new home without incident is wishful thinking at the least. Professional movers and packers know how to pack a large van so their customers’ belongings don’t bump into each other during transit. You don’t have that expertise, and neither do your mates. Leave the packing to the professionals.
  • You don’t have the money to throw away on expensive van rental: Professional removalists can get the job done quickly, eliminating the need to pay for a rental van for several days or a week while you get the stuff in and out on your own. That can run your costs way up, well beyond what you would have paid for a professional in the first place. Browse our two men and truck services or for a small move check out our man and a van page for more cost-effective solutions.
  • You don’t have the manpower to move an entire van of furnishings: It takes strength and numbers to move a van full of belongings safely. Back injuries, pulled shoulder muscles, and other overuse problems may occur if you attempt to do a professional crew’s work yourself.


Moves that Involve Valuables


When you move valuables, you risk breakage. Whether they are antiques, fine art, or fine musical instruments, a professional antiques removalist will be better equipped to care for them during the move. More importantly, you can insure your valuables with removals insurance so if they do become damaged, you will receive compensation.


Office Moves


If you’re not moving your home, but rather your business, you need a professional. Today’s electronic office equipment is highly sensitive, with wires and other parts that need to stay with the equipment, lest they get lost.

Furthermore, if you lose a piece of valuable office equipment due to amateur mistakes, it could shut down vital aspects of your business until you replace it. And—with a professional office removalist, you can buy insurance to help you replace these important tools that keep your business going, should any damage occur.

Though there are plenty of projects that are perfect for the DIYer, most types of moves aren’t. Don’t risk a week of lost work over a pulled muscle, your precious valuables, or days of lost business just because you wanted to save a few dollars on a move. Contact the expert removalists at Zoom Removals to book your move today.