Making the Decision to Move for Work

You’ve been offered a job in a city far from home. Work’s hard to find in your own town, and this opportunity dropped into your lap. Before you call the removalists, take the time to weigh your decision before you pack up and move.

Make Sure That the Job Offer Is a Sure One

Do you have an airtight contract? Paid relocation expenses? If not, make sure you have a Plan B and a Plan C before you decide to take the job.

Spend time weighing your decision. Can you find something similar close to your current home?

Are living expenses in the new city commensurate with the money you’ll make in the new job? When it comes to moving for employment, it pays to be extra careful. Don’t let emotion cloud your decision.

If a lesser-paying job in your current town would net you more in buying power than your new job, think long and hard before you decide to move. On the other hand, if the new job provides you with a better chance to advance in your field, moving may be the best decision, even if you have to pinch pennies in the short term.

Look at Your Timeline

If you do decide to take the job, look at the date you are supposed to start. Start planning all the things you have to do before you move.

Create a schedule and stick to it, particularly if there’s a tight deadline. Don’t think you have to do everything yourself.

Outsource Tasks before You Move

Hire a babysitter or a pet sitter so you can take care of needed tasks before you move. Eat takeaway food to avoid cooking and dishwashing.

Many removalists, too, will pack your things for you for an extra fee. That in itself can save hours of your time.

Don’t run all over town to find boxes. Most reputable movers will provide boxes for you. It will save time and the removalists’ boxes are much sturdier than those you get at the supermarket.

What about Your Old Home?

Make arrangements to find a real estate agent who can sell or lease your current home. Your removalists may be able to give you some good recommendations. They may even know of someone moving into the town you want to leave!

Make sure that all your clutter is cleared when potential tenants or buyers look at your home. Clutter translates to ‘no storage room’ for people looking at a home.

More storage space will bring more buyers to your door. Consider staging your home as well. Many interior designers specialise in creating a welcoming look to attract buyers.

Tie All the Loose Ends

You’ll need to arrange to transfer your medical and dental records, change your address with Australia Post, and find a place to live in your new location if your new company does not provide temporary or permanent housing.

When you’ve made your decision to move, don’t forget to call the expert removalists at Zoom Removals. We handle interstate moves as well as those to nearby cities.

We’ll be only too happy to help you as you embark on your new venture. Book your move with Zoom today.

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