Is there a green alternative to bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is a durable, reusable and versatile packing material. It has been in use for decades in different industries for their packing and shipping requirements. People who are moving house also use bubble wrap to secure and protect their fragile possessions.

However, since bubble wrap is made of plastic, it is not biodegradable and continues to contribute to environmental pollution. To reduce the amount of plastic waste contributed by bubble wrap use, here are eight eco-friendly alternatives to bubble wrap.

1. HexcelWrap

HexcelWrap is a branded paper alternative to bubble wrap. It’s a biodegradable, compostable, recyclable packing solution that’s made from renewable sources. Since it clings to itself, tape is not necessary to secure items being wrapped with HexcelWrap.

2. Corn starch

Another eco-friendly packing material, corn starch is so safe it can even be used for food packaging. It’s organic, biodegradable, cost-effective, and also ideal for long-distance shipping.

3. Paper and cardboard

Like corn starch, paper and cardboard come from renewable sources, are biodegradable, recyclable, and very affordable and accessible. If you’re like most homeowners, you’ll probably have paper and cardboard at home. You can use these for packing sturdy items that do not require special packaging.

4. Newspapers and magazines

Similar to paper and cardboard, newspapers and magazines are highly accessible and cheap. You may even have them lying around your house so you can use them for stuffing or providing added cushioning to whatever it is you are packing for moving day.

5. Biodegradable air peanuts

You can use biodegradable air peanuts for filling gaps in between items you have packed in boxes. And since they are biodegradable, they do not negatively impact the environment. Moreover, they are cheap and can be reused any number of times for as long as they are intact quality-wise.

6. Mushroom

Much like corn starch, mushroom is an organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging material. Since it degrades easily, it is ideal for local shipping or moving requirements.

7. Old clothes

People usually have a lot of old clothes piling up inside their homes. If you are relocating soon and working on getting everything packed up and ready, you can use old clothes to provide cushioning to fragile items such as glass figurines and vases. You can also use them for padding the corners of furniture to prevent scratches and other types of surface damage.

8. Office paper waste

Much like newspaper and old magazines, you can use office paper waste for providing cushioning to items and filling gaps inside packing boxes. Just make sure you have permission to take it out of your office and use it for personal purposes.

So, if you want to contribute to sustainability efforts while also saving money, you may want to consider using the above packing materials for your next move.

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