How to Move with a Brand-New Baby in Tow

When two blessed events collide—namely, the arrival of a new baby and a promotion that involves a move—you first feel thankful. And then you panic.

A thousand questions begin to cloud your initial happy thoughts. No worries.

The experienced removalists at Zoom Removals have you covered. Having thousands of successful removals under their belt, they have handled everything, including moves that involve families with newborns. With their experience and advice, moving with your newborn will be an adventure, not a chore.


Moving before Baby Arrives


Advanced pregnancy or high-risk pregnancies: If you’re almost due and your partner has to move now—it might be a good idea to stay behind and have the baby first. If you have friends or family that can help out—or if your partner can fly back in for the blessed event itself—it’s best to have your baby with the healthcare providers who are already familiar with your medical history during the pregnancy. This goes double if you have a condition placing you in the high-risk category.

Early or middle pregnancy: We would strongly advise you to get some help with packing and unpacking, our experienced movers and packers service can really help. Lifting heavy boxes isn’t the same as doing exercises to tone your muscles.

Instead of heavy lifting, pitch in to help by labelling boxes, sorting through belongings, and driving unwanted goods to charity centres for donation. Make sure that you interview potential healthcare providers at your new location to ensure they are in line with your wishes concerning birthing arrangements and healthcare philosophy.

Have your current providers send all your records to your new ones so they will have all the pertinent information about your pregnancy to help you during your later pregnancy, birth, and recovery.


Moving after Baby Arrives


Moving can be a hectic time. Make sure you give Baby plenty of attention. Try to keep the little one away from the hustle, bustle, and noise as the removalists pack and unpack your things.

Baby’s ‘first week’ box: Just as you would for the adult members of the family, pack a ‘first week’ box or boxes for the new arrival. Include plenty of nappies, formula (if bottle-fed), breast pump (if breastfed), bottles, and sterilisation equipment. Pack plenty of clothing. With new babies, spit-ups and ‘accidents’ happen often. Be prepared with plenty of extras so you won’t have to worry about doing laundry for the first week.

Consider a packing service: Spend more time with the little one instead of packing up your belongings. The extra fee you’ll pay is well worth it—because the time spent with your new baby is priceless. You’ll treasure those days for the rest of your lives.

Pack Baby’s things last: Instruct the removalists to pack the new baby’s things after everything else is loaded. That way, his or her crib, pram, and other equipment will be the first things off the truck.

Above all, provide plenty of cuddles to welcome that new one into her or his new home. Celebrate your new arrival—and your new home, knowing you’ve made a great move for his or her future.

To book your move, contact the caring team of removalists at Zoom Removals today.

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