How to Move into a Downsized Home Successfully

The kids have all moved out and moved on to their own homes.

You’re spending way too much time dusting, mowing, and sweeping. You and your partner agree—it’s time to downsize.

But what about all your stuff? ‘How in the world can we move into a smaller home when we can barely fit all our stuff in this one’? you say.

Hang on to Your Treasures

Glad you asked. Your stuff might be part of the problem. Do this: Go through all your belongings. Put aside the keepsakes, the heirlooms, and your expensive furniture.

Separate Out the Stuff You Rarely Use

Next, the stuff you really don’t need—or want—but have been hanging on to for a rainy day. Or something. That feeling? It’s a relic leftover from your mum’s grandmother, who survived the Great Depression and pounded into your mum’s head (and she into yours) that every bit of scrap is worth saving. Donate or recycle them. They may just be someone’s treasure.

Finally, put the belongings you rarely—if ever—use in another corner. Call your removalist and put them in furniture removals storage for a couple of months. If you don’t miss them after that, separate those you don’t miss into two categories: ‘Donate’ and ‘Sell’. Take the ‘Donate’ ones to your favourite charities and sell the others at a garage sale or on Gumtree.

Go on the Hunt for Your New Home

Now that you have cleared out the clutter, you’re ready to hunt for a smaller home. While you look, enquire with several real estate professionals about selling your current house.

The bonus of clearing out the clutter first? A clutter-free home usually fetches more dollars on the market than one that’s crammed full of stuff, all other things being equal.

Look for homes that will not only hold all your remaining belongings but also for ones that will accommodate a more downsized lifestyle. Low-maintenance materials, clean, smooth surfaces that won’t hold dust—all can help keep your household chores to a minimum.

Another plus for buying a smaller home—it usually will cost less, allowing you to pocket the difference. That holiday on a remote island you’ve dreamed of? It may be possible when you downsize.

Finally, you’ll save money on the move itself once you’ve sold your old house. Most removalists will charge less for fewer belongings. Alternatively, you can pick a smaller truck on our moving trucks page.  Be sure to have them provide special care for the heirlooms and other valuables you want to keep with you.

When you’re ready to take the plunge into downsizing, give us a call at Zoom Removals. We’ll handle your storage while you get ready to sell and then help you get your belongings to your new home without a hitch.

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