How to Avoid Stress When Moving

Moving to a new place sounds exciting, and it is. Unfortunately, there are various aspects of shifting house that is pretty mundane, and even unpleasant. What felt like an easy process, in the beginning, can quickly turn into an ordeal, and moving boxes and packing supplies quickly gets old. 

Meanwhile, you have kids, pets, jobs, etc. to pay attention to as well. You have your new home to look forward to, and that’s great, It’s just that buying a house is stressful, and so is moving in. Fortunately, if you know beforehand what to expect, you can significantly cut the stress part out. Take a look at some top tips to reduce stress from moving.

Accept Moving Stress

Overcoming the stress of moving house begins with acceptance. When you accept that the stress aspect is inevitable, you become much better at handling it. And if you need some inspiration, think about how you handled the most stressful events in life in the past and apply these skills to your current situation.

Don’t Rush Through the Process

Give yourself enough time when moving house. For instance, set aside at least a couple of days to get done with a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Make sure you also allocate enough time to look for a rental truck or moving company, cleaning your old house, and setting everything up in the new place. If the work starts to pile up, things will naturally become frenzied.

Begin Small

Break down the moving process into smaller tasks. Begin small. If you’re not sure how to get going, start by putting all your books in a box. Complete as many incremental tasks as you possibly can. They’ll add up soon, and, before you realise, you’ll be done with most of the items.

Remain Organised

The organisation is key. Sort and label moving boxes in a manner that makes the items easier to unpack. Keep all the documents you may require – the mover contract, new lease, etc. – in an easy-to-locate place. Such organising would help you smooth through the process and reduce moving stress.

Hire Professional Movers

If you have the money, get professional movers on board. You cannot imagine the amount of moving house stress you would relieve yourself of by hiring professionals. Besides lifting items – both heavy items, and awkwardly-shaped smaller ones – movers also help with packing things and safely wrapping them up for transport. Just make sure you hire a moving firm that is reputable and trustworthy in your area.

If you live in and around Sydney, contact Zoom Removals. We do more than 5,000 moves every year and are fully insured and accredited. Get in touch today to learn more or to get a quote.


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