How to Avoid a Trip to the Therapist When You Move

Just the idea of moving sends more people than you know to the brink of sanity. We know. We’re the removalists who help them keep it all together.

But you can do a lot to reduce your stress level—even change your perspective on moving—if you follow a few simple tips. Use these time- and sanity-savers and save yourself a trip to the therapist.

Make a Master List

Before you start to pack, decide how you want to keep track of everything. The system doesn’t matter. What matters is this: that it works for you.

List every box you pack on this list. Give it a number. List everything you pack in each box underneath its number. Duplicate that list on the box itself.

Get Specific

When you label, detail counts. List the types of items within. Instead of ‘dishes’, write ‘Pfaltzgraff Carmen dishes’. Instead of ‘Files’, write ‘W-Z files’. Instead of ‘Clothes’, write ‘Bobby’s summer clothes’. When you get to your destination, this helps you decide what to unpack first.

Also, don’t forget to write on each box—and on your list—the name of the room where each box or item will go in your new home. This will help the removalists unpack faster, and you’ll have everything in its proper place the first day in your new home.

Buy Plenty of Supplies

Nothing pushes the stress buttons more than running out of markers, stickers, wrap, boxes, or tape. Most removalists will provide boxes for you—many times free—so get plenty of them. Take advantage of their generosity and save yourself a trip to the local supermarket for extra boxes. Be sure not to overfill boxes. Tape them well so they don’t burst open if the driver hits a pothole.

Organise as You Go

Keep items with their accessories as you pack. Pack books with bookends, wiring with devices, and appliances with their cords and extension cords. Pack holiday trim with your artificial trees and parts in sealed plastic bags taped to the item they belong to.

Take Your Most Important Papers and Valuables with You

Unless they’re larger antiques that you cannot move yourself, take your valuables, such as jewellery, coins, and your important papers, with you. That way, if you need a paper, it’s right at hand. And, trust us, even though we’d take extra good care of it, you’ll be a lot less stressed if you know Grandma’s ruby brooch is right beside you, tucked away in its special box, all ready for its new home.

When you’re ready to ditch the stress for a smooth move, call on the experienced removalists at Zoom Removals. Book your move today.

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