Forgot to Pack Your Garage Stuff for Your Move? Don’t Panic!

You’ve tucked away all of Aunt Rosie’s china cats you inherited into bubble wrap and put them into a box lined with blankets.

You’ve also packed up all your partner’s sports equipment. You’ve even set aside special boxes with all the extras you want to take with you, so your first few nights go easily. You’ve even remembered Junior’s nappies and that ratty-looking bear he pitches a fit without.

But that uneasy feeling is still there. Then you remember. Your garage.

GarageStacked with litres of every kind of goop you can pour into a car sits that shelving you bought.

Garden tools hang by the five bags of potting soil you bought to save for next year’s plantings. And tools! Like rabbits, it seems as if every wrench, every hammer, has brought forth and multiplied.

And you panic. You booked the removalists weeks ago. They arrive in a week! What can you do?



Take it from Australia’s leading Sydney removalists ZOOM Removals: you’re not alone. Everyone, it seems, lets the garage go until the last minute. Many just simply don’t even remember they need to pack that stuff, too.

Don’t freak out. Here’s what you do.


Start Sorting

Garage goop: Chances are, most of that car goop on that shelving’s past it’s prime. Be ruthless! A lot of garage chemicals you can’t move anyway. Hazardous chemicals and flammable materials are no-nos. Give the usable stuff to your neighbour and put the rest in the trash.

Tools: Sort all those tools. When you find duplicates, put them aside. Take the best one of each kind of tool, and plan to sell the rest at a garage sale or on Gumtree. Or if you’re out of time completely, donate them. Your generosity’s bound to return in karma of some type, right?

Children’s clothes and gear: If you’ve stored the clothes and equipment your kiddos have outgrown just in case one of them present you with a grandchild in oh, about twenty years, donate them. As safety requirements for children’s equipment get more stringent, they’ll be outdated well before your first grandchild arrives. And clothing? Forget it. If the clothes moths don’t get to them, they’ll be so outdated that your grandchild will roll his eyes, stuff them into the back of his drawer, and never wear them.

Garden stuff: Do you really want to pay your removalists to haul that potting soil and half-used bags of fertiliser? Thought not. Give it to your little-old-lady neighbour, who’ll put it to good use on her roses and pansies next year.

Holiday decorations: If you didn’t use it the last holiday, you probably won’t. Give it away, sell it, or donate it to someone who will use it.

Get More Supplies

After you’ve pared down your collection, you need to pack quickly. Don’t run all over town. Get your removalist to lend you some specially made free moving boxes that will be tough enough to handle all those tools and garden equipment. Also, while you’re there, buy some moving supplies, such as:

With everything you need at hand, packing should go quickly, once you’ve narrowed down what you really need to take along.

Pack It Up

Protect: Wrap sharp ends of tools in layers of sturdy bubble wrap. Tape blades together. If you have the original boxes for any of your tools, use those to pack them back up. Empty power tools of petrol before you move them.

Label: Disassemble what you can, but make sure you put small parts into labelled plastic zipper bags. Keep all the parts for each item together.

If You Run Short of Time, Call in the Reinforcements

Removalists Sydney - ZOOM GuaranteeIf it looks like you can’t get it done on time, get help. Friends, family, neighbours — make it a party!

But if everyone has other plans (after all, you did let it go until the last minute), there’s hope. If you booked your move with Zoom, you’re in luck.

For a small fee, our professional removalists can swoop to the rescue.

They’ll pack everything for you through our expert movers and packers service,  leaving you and yours to enjoy the adventure that awaits you in your new home.


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