Dread Packing? Fear No More with These Tips

Many people procrastinate about packing for their upcoming move. Perhaps it’s a tinge of sadness about leaving a home they’ve lived in for years. Maybe it’s a bit of nerves about moving into a new neighbourhood or into a new job. Maybe it’s just the fear of breaking Aunt Clara’s heirloom dishes.

Whatever holds you back, one thing is certain: procrastination won’t put off your moving date. The removalists will arrive in their big truck and take your stuff to its new home. So you won’t spend sleepless nights doing last-minute packing, here are some tips to help you conquer your packing woes.

Research Your New Neighbourhood and Workplace

Becoming familiar with the people and layout of your new home and workplace can go great lengths toward making you feel at home in your new digs. Use Google Maps to get a feel for the streets and places of business. You’ll soon find yourself wishing moving day would come sooner!

Book Your Removal Quickly

As soon as you know you’ll need to move, book the date with the removalists. Mark it on your calendar. Make it a point to pack a few things every day, spaced out just enough to have them all ready by moving day. Get as many free boxes from your removalist as you can. Not having enough boxes can keep you from staying on schedule.

Arrange for Special Treatment for Heirlooms

Most reputable removalists will take special care of your heirlooms. Don’t trust them to your own devices. Professional removalists have experience moving even priceless treasures. They will take good care of your Aunt Clara’s Victorian-era dishes.

Keep Plenty of Supplies on Hand

When you pack, you’ll need tape, packing paper, and a good supply of marking pens and labels. Don’t forget to order plenty of these before you start packing. Make it easy on yourself by making quick meals or order takeaway food for your packing sessions. If you run short of time, invite the neighbours in to help. Be sure to feed them well, and they’ll return to help you again.

Label Boxes Clearly with the Room Where They’ll Go

To avoid confusion upon arrival, make it easy on yourself. Label each box with the name of the room in its new home. Unpacking will be more organised and faster when you do.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Above all, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Friends, family, and neighbours all might be willing to lend a hand. Turn it into a party with everyone bringing some takeaway food. If time’s tight, you can pay just a little extra and have your removalists pack for you. That way, you can focus your time on saying your goodbyes and researching your new neighbourhood.

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