Don’t Move House Until You Organise

Moving house doesn’t have to be the giant headache your mates warned you about. If you organise your belongings before the Sydney removalists arrive, relocating can be easy-breezy. Here’s how:

Organise Your Belongings by Category

In an earlier post, we talked at length about the need for you to declutter before you move with our handy decluttering guide. Before you start tossing your excess things, though, you need to take a look at what you have—by category.

For instance, start with your clothing. If you move from room to room, you might not remember those other black satin pumps that have been sitting in your seasonal apparel box for two years now—you know, the ones that fit like a glove—and you’ll end up not tossing the ones in your closet, simply because you need a pair of satin pumps in your wardrobe.

If you organise by category, though, you’ll have all your wardrobe in one place and can see at a glance which ones are duplicates. Do the same with books, holiday decorations, and dishes, and you’ll be able to declutter more efficiently.

Organise Your Removal

Don’t put off selecting a day for your move until the last minute. If you do, you’ll risk hiring the remaining removal companies that aren’t booked for a reason—they have a terrible reputation. Instead, as soon as you know you’ll be relocating, do your homework on your local house Sydney removalists. Ask for recommendations, read online reviews, ask if they offer removals insurance, and ask for proof that they’re approved by the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). At the same time, look at your calendar and select the best date for your schedule. That way, when you find the right removal company, you can reserve the date you chose and won’t have to worry about having to hire a fly-by-night removalist.

Organise Your Life at Your New Home

Unless you’re just moving across town, you’ll need to find new doctors, new shopping centres, and a new veterinarian, if you have pets. You’ll need to find a new sitter for your children, check out the local schools, and look at transportation routes to find the quickest way to work.

You may even want to find some places where you can pick up a quick bite on your first few days in your new home, so you won’t have to cook.

Before you move, do your research on what your new neighbourhood has to offer. Line up medical professionals and transfer your records there well before your move. Make sure you won’t have to scramble at the last minute to find what you need.

With these three tips, you’ll find that moving can be an adventure, not a hassle! To discover more about how you can organise before you move, contact our expert team of Sydney removalists today.

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