Don’t Let Pests Spoil Your Move

Before your removalists show up at your front door, before you ever pack up your belongings in boxes, you want to make sure you’re not taking any unwanted guests into your new home. A good way to ensure that you’re not taking along any critters other than your pets is to have both your new home and your old home rid of pests before you pack up and leave.

Mice, pantry moths, clothes and carpet moths, and even fleas can hide within the folds of your carpets or other belongings without leaving a trace—until you arrive on your new doorstep.

Rid Your Home of Flying, Jumping Pests before You Move

Fleas and moths can lay eggs, which may hatch into larvae once you arrive at your new home. Even the larvae themselves are difficult to see. Be sure to have your pets up to date on their pest control method as well.

Say Bye-Bye to Rodents before the Removalists Arrive

Mice, unfortunately, can get into openings as small as six to seven centimetres. Since mice are nocturnal, you’ll never see them sneaking into your moving boxes. They’ll just show up at your next home, ready for a feed.

To keep these pests—or others—from hitching a ride with your removalists, hire a reputable pest control company to inspect your home for evidence of a pest infestation. If they find any, have your home treated before you pack up your belongings.

Keep up Pest Control if You’re Leasing Out Your Old Home

If you plan to lease your former home, make sure to arrange for regular pest control inspections, even if your local regulations don’t require it. Pests can do a lot of damage—even in a year’s time—which will hurt your resale value or your ability to rent it out to a new tenant.

Don’t forget to have your new home treated before you move in, too. Start out with a clean slate and keep up regular inspections once you arrive.

Country Removals May Bring More Pest Risks

That’s doubly true if you’re moving to a rural location. More undeveloped land means more room for pests to thrive outdoors until you show up on the scene. Once they sense that there’s food inside, they’ll find a way to come inside to enjoy a feast, well away from their natural predators.

If moving preparations—like pest control—have put you behind schedule, don’t panic. Have your removalist do your packing for you.

After you’ve made arrangements with your pest control service, it’s time to call in the removalists. For a smooth move across town or to the country, book your move with the experts at Zoom Removals today.

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