3 Vital Tips for Moving with Children

Whether it’s for work or a life change, moving can wreak havoc on a kid’s life if his or her parents don’t prepare well for the move. Don’t wait to familiarise your children with their new environment until our moving trucks pulls up.

Prepare ahead of time, and moving will become a grand adventure for your children, not a traumatic experience.

1.Prepare Them Well Ahead of Time

When you first learn you’ll have to move, tell your children about your upcoming relocation. No matter what your feelings about uprooting your family and moving house, keep positive.

In fact, involve them in as many decisions as you can about the move. From checking out new homes to choosing the removalists, make them feel like they have a say in the matter. Teach them what to look for in a home or in a removal company. Do this part right, and you’ll teach them life skills they can use when they look for a home as adults.

2.Familiarise Them with Their New Neighbourhood

If you can take them to see their new neighbourhood in person, that’s great. Let them meet their new teachers and familiarise themselves with the territory before they arrive. Encourage them to make new friends and stay in touch during the time you’re in transition. Choose your new caregivers and introduce your kids to them if you can. From paediatricians to dentists to child care facilities, the more they know beforehand, the better.

Even if you can’t take them physically to their new neighbourhood, show them photos and maps of the new community. Encourage them to find pen pals that they can connect with from afar, and then meet up once you’ve moved.

Once you’re there, get them involved in their favourite activities to help them acclimate to their new surroundings in the comfort of the things they love. Ballet, sports, and music lessons can help your kids connect with other like-minded children in their new neighbourhood.

3.Consider a Pre-Packing Service

Your children need your undivided attention when you move. After all, they’re uprooting from familiar surroundings to a whole new experience. With your removalists doing your packing for you, you’ll have more time to spend acclimating them to their new neighbourhood and making new friends.

If you have an upcoming move, let Zoom Removal’s team of expert removalists do the hard work for you.

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