3 Reasons to Hire a Removalist Company

There are not many – if any – people who look forward to the actual moving process, which can be both emotionally and physically stressful and exhausting, plus it is so easy to forget important things that need to be done and these can have disastrous consequences.

When moving house and wanting a stress-free experience, it is nearly always advisable to hire a professional Sydney removalist company. Sure, you may think you can do it yourself and we wouldn’t argue with that, but let’s briefly consider three main factors that make DIY moving difficult:

1. Time Constraints

Most people lead busy lives. If a great job offer has come up, or you found your dream home, and you need to move quickly, then you will have a limited time in which to safely pack, transport, and unload all of your belongings.

2. Shortage of Help

You would most likely have a major problem on your hands in lifting heavy appliances, disassembling furniture, and all the packing that needs to be done if you don’t have any extra help (and limited time). Worse than not having any help is the risk of damaging your items or injuring yourself.  

3. Fragile Items

You may own antiques, china and glass, paintings, and musical instruments. These items are not easy to pack nor are they easy to carry (think about the loading and unloading into and from a van or truck or up and down stairs). It is also easy to damage them when moving fragile items, especially if you don’t have the knowledge and training to handle and transport these belongings safely.

There are, of course, many other factors we could cite that make moving by yourself difficult, but let’s move onto the benefits (the reasons) you need to know to work with ZOOM, Sydney’s #1 rated furniture removalist, for all your moving needs:

1. Removalists Are the Moving Experts

You may not realise it, but moving is both an art and a skill that involves everything from packing all of your belongings – the fragile, the not-so-fragile, and the big and bulky – safely and securely, the heavy lifting, and the carrying stuff around (up and down stairs and in tight-fitting elevators and stairwells) to transporting it and unloading them in your new home. Professional removalists have both the training needed to handle all of your valuable belongings during every stage of the moving process and the skills to make the move faster and more efficient.

2. Place Your Focus on More Important Things

The physical move is only one part of the whole moving process. You may also have to deal with landlords, maintenance crews, your family, and new neighbours as you are trying to settle in. Handing over the moving process to a quality local, interstate, or country removalist means you can have a stress-free moving experience and focus on other things, such as enjoying moving into your new home, creating a checklist for your first few days in your new home, and meeting your new neighbours.

3. Insure Your Belongings

We would all agree that besides material value, our belongings often have sentimental value, so of course we want our possessions to arrive in our new home in the same condition as they left. Professional removalists have the experience needed to safely and securely pack and transport all of your belongings, which in itself will significantly reduce the risk of damage. However, accidents happen sometimes, so for ultimate door-to-door peace of mind make sure to consider your removalist’s full-cover transit insurance. Your cheap and simple removalist insurance policy will outline specifically what is covered as part of the insurance option you choose.

When you consider all the benefits (and the factors that make a DIY move difficult), then it should be obvious that your best choice for your next Sydney move is to hire a professional removalist… so contact ZOOM Removals, Sydney’s #1 rated removalist today!

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