3 Never-Fail Moving Tips for New University Students

Having passed your exams with flying colours, you’re a top student—ready for your next academic adventure.

Though you would never fail in the classroom, you might not fare so well at moving into your new flat or boarding house unless you heed a few never-fail moving tips from the professors of the moving industry—the expert removalists at Zoom Removals. Here’s their sage advice:

1. Set a Budget for Your New Digs

If you choose to rent a flat, you’ll have other expenses besides the monthly rent. Electric, gas, furniture, food—and the all-important Internet service so you can do most of your studies at home—must all enter into the equation. If you need to buy new furniture or move your old furniture into your flat, you’ll need to figure that into your budget as well.

If you have some mates from your hometown who will attend the same university, see if you can become flatmates to share expenses. Don’t forget—you’ll need to pay a bond—usually four weeks’ rent—to your landlord before you get the key to the flat. If you plan to share the flat with flatmates from your hometown, see if you can work out an arrangement to move your furniture from your home to your new flat on the same day to save on expenses.

2. Hunt for a Suitable Flat or Another Housing Solution

Many universities, the University of Sydney included, provide house-hunting workshops for their students from out of town. Take advantage of these opportunities to learn about available housing that might be under-advertised on the open market—or even other housing solutions, such as boarding houses or on-campus housing, if your university has housing available.

Start searching online, but don’t hesitate to call friends or family living near your new university. They may know of a place that would be perfect for you.

3. Prepare for Your Move

After you find a flat or other housing solution, you’ll need to start packing. Don’t forget about other arrangements you’ll need to make before you set off for your course of study.

For more information about moving to a new home during your university years or to book your move to nearly anywhere in Australia, contact the professional removalists at Zoom Removals today.

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