4875rubbercle 768x715 - 4875RUBBERCLE Tape - Natural Rubber PP202 (Clear)

4875RUBBERCLE Tape – Natural Rubber PP202 (Clear)


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Quick Overview

  • Uses a natural rubber solvent.
  • Adheres to a variety of board surfaces throughtout temperature extremes.
  • Natural Rubber will age & discolour with exposure to UV but will hold its tack longer than Hot Melt.
  • Widely recognised as the better product for refrigeration.

Length: 75m
Width: 48mm
Rubber Based PP202
Product Code: 4875RUBBERCLE


Our Clients

Westpac Benevolent Society Panasonic Macquarie The University of Sydney LJ Hooker Commercial V PRD Nationwide Commercial West Elm New South Wales Police Force
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