Moving Only a Few Items

ZOOM Removals will help you move that big, cumbersome piece of furniture you are unsure how to cart across town.

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Don’t get caught out

Bought items on eBay that won’t fit in the family car? Or worse – got an unreliable mate with the dodgy trailer offering to help? Or about to waste time and money renting a ute or truck for half a day you need to not only collect, but return at the end of the job as well?

Use ZOOM Removals instead

We have a range of smaller vehicles with one removalist to help you cart your single item or small collection of furniture across town. We are professionals meaning we carry the right equipment to lift, load, restrain and protect your furniture during transit.

Why pay more when you can help?

You do not need two men on a job when you are willing to help. Reduce your costs by offering to help our removalists lift and load those heavier items on and off the vehicle.

Need a tail lift?

Speak with one of our friendly sales staff about organizing a vehicle with a tail lift for your small move to get those larger, heavier items up without incident. Tail lift equipped vehicles come at the same exceptional half hourly rates.

So call ZOOM Removals today on
1300 157 448
to discuss your small job and how we can slash costs and cart your goods across town safely.

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Click on our specially designed small move products below for more information.


1 Man & 2t Van

When you have small, light items of furniture and cartons or luggage to cart across town look no further than this economical service.

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Mighty Mouse

2 removalists, 3t truck

Forget the hassle of hiring a truck. If you are moving & want to help out lifting and loading, then Mighty Mouse is perfect. Suitable for studio to 1 bedroom apartment moves.

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