How to Move Mum and Dad to a New Home

Whether your parents need to move to a retirement village, an assisted living facility or just another home that offers one-floor living, it still can be traumatic—no matter how much they want to move.

That’s especially true if they have lived in their former home a long time. If it’s the home in which you grew up—even you might even grow misty-eyed when the removalists pull up to the door. In other words, it can be a challenge for everyone involved. Here are some tips:

Don’t Hurry Them Along

Book the removalists several months ahead, so you don’t have to rush your parents. After all, they need time to process the upcoming change of location. Emotions run high, so don’t pack away Great-Grandma’s treasured clock that always sat on the mantel just yet. Wait until Mum and Dad indicate they’re ready.

Assure Them That They Can Keep Their Most Treasured Objects

A treasured memento may look like junk to you, but to your parents, it’s a repository of precious memories. If there are objects that are of high value—either emotionally or money-wise, arrange for your removalists to give them special care. Make sure that your parents know that these belongings will be protected on their journey to their new home.

Help Your Dad and Mum Pack

Take a few hours each week to help them pack their photo albums, old clothing, and knick-knacks. Talk with them as they pack these items. It will help them relive fond memories and help you grow closer to them.

Take Your Parents on Several Trips to Their New Home

Before your move, take them to their new home several times before they leave their old one. Doing that will help them adjust to the move. Encourage them to imagine their belongings in their new home. As they see how their belongings will complement the interior of their new home, they will become more enthusiastic about the move. A trip out several times will also get them used to leaving their former home.

Once the Removalists Leave, Help Your Parents Arrange Their Furniture

If your parents haven’t any preferences as to the furniture arrangement, try to arrange the furniture as close to the arrangement of the furniture in their original home as possible. It will help them make their adjustment to their new home go more easily.

Keep in Touch

Visit your parents often, especially during the critical first weeks of their move. Encourage them to meet other residents or neighbours for social activities. Take them out to local restaurants, libraries, or parks where they can enjoy all the amenities in their new location.

Follow these tips, and your parents might even become excited about their new adventure in life! To book your parents’ move—or your own—contact the caring staff at Zoom Removals today.

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