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Handy Hints

We have a developed a very handy guideline in an easy to follow time format to guide you toward a painless stress free move. A little bit of planning can save you a whole lot of headache!

Who to Notify of Your Change of Address
  1. Post office
  2. Electricity/Gas
  3. Water
  4. Telephone/Internet provider
  5. License/Registration authority
  6. Electoral commission
  7. Subscriptions and home delivery providers
  8. Club memberships
  9. Security firm
  10. Friends and family
Four Weeks Out
  1. Book your move with ZOOM Removals to ensure you arrange your preferred time and date.
  2. Clear out unwanted furniture, clothes and other items. Sell them or give them to charity.
  3. Will your appliances fit in the new home? If not arrange to sell them or give them to charity.
  4. Contact your home owners insurance supplier so that your new home is covered as soon as you move in, and insurance over your old premises ceases.
  5. Contact club memberships and have them transferred or refunded when you move.
Two Weeks Before Your Move
  1. Contact telephone, electric, gas and water companies to confirm specific date to terminate service supply at the old property and start the new service.
  2. Notify all regular services of your intended move i.e. security services, cleaners.
  3. Divert your mail with Australia Post, and change your address with publications
  4. Ask your current doctor’s and dentist for referrals in the new location. Transfer medical records and get copies of prescriptions.
  5. Organise pest control for your new home.
One Week Before Your Move
  1. Organise your unlimited free boxes to be collected from ZOOM Removals, or arrange to have them delivered.
  2. Divert your mail with Australia Post
  3. Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers, chain saws, etc. BBQ gas tanks must be empty.
  4. Start to pre-pack your home with the infrequent items you will not need during the week. Label each carton with the contents and location in the new home.
  5. Ensure you didn’t leave anything at the dry cleaners.
  6. Prepare a "ready box" for last-on and first-off the truck. This might include essentials from your kitchen and bathroom including medications. You may wish to include a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers and nails.
  7. Prepare your children for the move and trip by providing them with a "ready box" with their own special treasures. Include toys and games and snacks for your trip.
  8. If watering plants do not water them within 48 hours of the move to ensure they are light and will not soil other furniture during the move.
The Eve of the Move
  1. Defrost and clean your refrigerator and freezer at least 24 hours in advance of the move.
  2. ZOOM Removals pre-packing is usually organised the day before the move. Make sure you can be on site. Or pack the final items yourself.
  3. Load the items you are personally transporting including your valuables. Do not transport combustible and flammable items. These include oil-base paints, bleach, cleaning and lighting fluids and matches. All aerosol cans (including hair sprays, shaving creams, deodorants, household cleaners, insecticides, tarnish removers and car cleaners) should be carried by you personally.
  4. Gather keys to the house and arrange to leave them with the new owners, your real estate agent, landlord or a trusted neighbour.
  5. Contact utility companies to verify start dates of the new services.
Moving Day Has Arrived
  1. Confirm with your ZOOM Removalist your personal contact and the new address details.
  2. Double check all rooms before the truck departs for the new property.
  3. Confirm directions to the new residence with your ZOOM Removalist.
  4. Check the condition of each item as it is unloaded and direct your ZOOM Removalist to where you would like it delivered.
After You Are Settled In To Your New Home
  1. Register your car(s) at the new address
  2. Change your driver’s license address
  3. Reinstate your home delivery services
  4. Register your change of address with the Electoral Commission
  5. Return your unlimited free boxes to ZOOM Removals no more then 28 days after you move to ensure you are not charged.
  6. And relax and enjoy your home!