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Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck

When you have a beast of a move you have Big Foot. Though our prices may be cheap, our professional removals service is anything but! Quality service at great rates—that’s ZOOM!

  • ic 1 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck2 removalists
  • ic 2 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck18-22m³ Capacity
  • ic 3 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck4.5t Small Truck
  • ic 4 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck1-2 Bedrooms
  • ic 5 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truckOutdoor & plants
  • ic 6 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truckGarage items
  • ic 7 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck4-6 employees
  • ic 8 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truckTheir workstations
  • ic 9 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truckAnd computers
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Perfect for small moving jobs

Two professional removalists will lift, load and unload your goods in this economical service. When competitors are charging you a lot more per half-hour for the same service the choice becomes easy. Shop around, we challenge you to find a comparable service at a better rate.

Big Foot is great for smaller dwellings of 1-2 bedrooms. Its agile size makes it great for inner city moving and for medium to high-rise apartments. For offices of 4-6 people and their workstations, equipment and archives, Big Foot is perfect!

Can you trust your removal company?

It’s the million-dollar question when you are planning a move.
How do you choose a removal company that will do the job properly, and that you can trust completely?

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We promise to beat any competitor’s reasonable quote!

Our rates

Rates are billed in half-hour (30 minute) increments; charges are from door-to-door – from the initial pickup location to the final drop off location


we recommend you take out insurance over your move and review our insurance page

Services detail

Minium of 2hour charge applies on all jobs

Call-out free

Our fair half-hour (30 minute) call-out fee applies for Sydney metro,
or more for outer limits and country areas to cover return travel time

Fuel leay

A 5% fuel levy applies if travel is over 20 kilometres from pick-up to the drop off, and 10% if over 35 kilometres
For purchases up to $700 the credit card fee is $10 (Amex purchases incur a fee of $20 for any amount). Any purchase over $700 incurs a 1.5% surcharge.

Free Boxes

Have you heard about our amazing free box offer? Big Foot comes with unlimited free boxes you can collect 7 days before your move, and keep for up to 30 days after! Don’t let your packing and unpacking stress you out any longer. Use our free boxes, save money and get organized.Click here for more details .

Zoom Removals also recommends

Goliath - 2 Men & 6-7t truck

Our warrior of removals, Goliath is suited for 2-3 bedroom homes and 6-7 person offices. Our two expert removalists will swiftly wrap, pack and cart your goods safely from A to B.

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We will beat any competitor’sreasonable quote!
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md 1 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck

Fast moving service

md 2 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck

Secure checklist

md 3 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck

Packing service

md 4 - Big Foot - 2 Men & 4.5t truck

Delicate Packaging service

We COver Many Suburbs

No matter where you are located across the Greater Sydney region. Zoom has you covered.
Have a quick look at the areas serviced by ZOOM Business Relocation.


Our Clients

Westpac Benevolent Society Panasonic Macquarie The University of Sydney LJ Hooker Commercial V PRD Nationwide Commercial West Elm New South Wales Police Force
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