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You’ve tucked away all of Aunt Rosie’s china cats you inherited into bubble wrap, and put them into a box lined with blankets. You’ve packed up all your partner’s sports equipment. You’ve even set aside special boxes with all the extras you want to take with you, so your first few nights go easily. You’ve even remembered Junior’s nappies and that ratty-looking bear he pitches a fit without.

But that uneasy feeling is still there. Then you remember. Your garage.

Stacked with litres of every kind of goop you can pour into a car sits that shelving you bought. Garden tools hang by the five bags of potting soil you bought to save for next year’s plantings. And tools! Like rabbits, it seems as if every wrench, every hammer, has brought forth and multiplied.

And you panic. You booked the removalists weeks ago. They arrive in a week! What can you do?

Take it from the professional removalists here at Zoom Removals: you’re not alone. Everyone, it seems, lets the garage go until the last minute. Many just simply don’t even remember they need to pack that stuff, too.

Don’t freak out. Here’s what you do.

Start Sorting

Garage goop: Chances are, most of that car goop on that shelving’s past its prime. Be ruthless! A lot of garage chemicals you can’t move anyway. Hazardous chemicals and flammable materials are no-nos. Give the usable stuff to your neighbour and put the rest in the trash.

Tools: Sort all those tools. When you find duplicates, put them aside. Take the best one of each kind of tool, and plan to sell the rest at a garage sale or on Gumtree. Or if you’re out of time completely, donate them. Your generosity’s bound to return in karma of some type, right?

Children’s clothes and gear: If you’ve stored the clothes and equipment your kiddos have outgrown just in case one of them present you with a grandchild in oh, about twenty years, donate them. As safety requirements for children’s equipment get more stringent, they’ll be outdated well before your first grandchild arrives. And clothing? Forget it. If the clothes moths don’t get to them, they’ll be so outdated that your grandchild will roll his eyes, stuff them into the back of his drawer, and never wear them.

Garden stuff: Do you really want to pay your removalists to haul that potting soil and half-used bags of fertiliser? Thought not. Give it to your little-old-lady neighbour, who’ll put it to good use on her roses and pansies next year.

Holiday decorations: If you didn’t use it the last holiday, you probably won’t. Give it away, sell it, or donate it to someone who will use it.

Get More Supplies

After you’ve pared down your collection, you need to pack quickly. Don’t run all over town. Get your removalist to lend you some specially made boxes that will be tough enough to handle all those tools and garden equipment. Also, while you’re there, buy some moving supplies, such as:

With everything you need at hand, packing should go quickly, once you’ve narrowed down what you really need to take along.

Pack It Up

Protect: Wrap sharp ends of tools in layers of sturdy bubble wrap. Tape blades together. If you have the original boxes for any of your tools, use those to pack them back up. Empty power tools of petrol before you move them.

Label: Dissemble what you can, but make sure you put small parts into labelled plastic zipper bags. Keep all the parts for each item together.

If You Run Short of Time, Call in the Reinforcements

If it looks like you can’t get it done on time, get help. Friends, family, neighbours — make it a party!

But if everyone has other plans (after all, you did let it go until the last minute), there’s hope. If you booked your move with Zoom, you’re in luck. For a small fee, our professional removalists can swoop to the rescue. They’ll pack everything for you, leaving you and yours to enjoy the adventure that awaits you in your new home.

For more helpful hints to help your move go smoothly — or to book your next move, contact the friendly team at Zoom Removals today.

Done wrong, moving house can be a huge drain on the pocketbook. Done right, you can shave off quite a bit of cash simply by following these money-saving tips from the low-cost, high-quality removalists at Zoom Removals.

With Removals, Time Equals Money

At Zoom Removals, we charge by half-hour increments. Most removalists do the same. The more you can do yourself (such as moving smaller boxes), the better. Usually.

Take All the Freebies You Can Get

Boxes from the supermarket and your neighbours may not cost a penny, but they may fall apart under a load they weren’t designed to carry. Also, the time and petrol you’ll spend going from store to store will factor into your decision. Many removalists provide free moving boxes designed especially for moving, so they’re perfect for whatever you need them to hold.

If your neighbours pitch in to help, don’t turn them down. Feed them a hearty meal, and they’ll be back to help the next day.

Compare Prices on Removalists

When you’re ready to move, be sure to contact the expert team at Zoom Removals to check out all their time- and money-saving services. Book your move today!

Moving to Sydney and need to find a flatmate or housemate? Many other Australians (and newcomers, too) are in the same boat. Whether you’re in town temporarily for a job or just need to share expenses for a while, you need a way to sift through the bad apples to find a flatmate that will be a good match for your needs.

Safety First

Be sure to meet potential flatmates in a public location, such as a restaurant or a coffee shop. Alternatively, you could also take someone with you to see the flat and meet your potential flatmate(s). Don’t forget to check references. Social media posts, too, can give you a good indication of a potential flatmate’s stability. It’s not stalking to check out someone with whom you’ll be sharing space.

Ask Your Removalist for Recommendations

Sydney-area removalists move a lot of households all over town. Many times, their customers will let them know that they’re looking for flatmates. It never hurts to ask. A removalist can also tell you a bit more about the neighbourhood–from a neutral point of view–than will a potential flatmate, who may downplay negative aspects of the community to attract someone to share the costs.

Advertise—and Read Through ‘Flatmate Wanted’ Adverts

Several websites specialise in connecting people with potential flatmates. Flatmates.com.au and au.EasyRoommate.com are two of the bigger ones. Gumtree, the popular site to find just about anything, also has a flatshare section. If you’re the one with the place and are looking for flatmates to make ends meet, make sure you include flattering photos of the flat or home to attract people. List the flat the way a real estate agent would.

Ask Potential Flatmates about Personal Preferences

Some degree of compromise will be necessary to make a flat-sharing arrangement work, but some things may be deal-breakers. If you’re an early riser and a light sleeper, a hard-partying night owl might not be the best match for you.

Make Sure They Have the Financial Resources to Pay Their Share

Here again is where references can be golden. Make sure they have steady work and a hefty enough paycheck to pay their rent. Check to make sure that they’ve paid their previous landlords or flatmates in full before moving on.

Once You’ve Made Your Choice, Call an AFRA Removalist

So you’ve checked out your potential flatmates thoroughly. Their character is sterling; their habits compatible, and you’re ready to move in.

Make sure you check out your removalist just as carefully. For a removalist you can depend on to be honest, trustworthy, and capable, make sure they are AFRA accredited. The AFRA—the Australian Furniture Removers Association—gives its approval only to removalists with a high degree of professionalism.

When you’re ready to move into your new Sydney flat, the expert removalists at Zoom Removals are ready to help. Give us a call on 1300 788 164 or book your move online. We’re here for you.

Settled in her career and in her current home, psychologist Barbara Markway had to put the stress-reduction techniques she uses in her practice to use when her husband received a job transfer to a distant city. Here are some of her stress-busting tips, together with a few from the expert removalists at Zoom Removals.

Start Planning Early On

Take Care of Yourself

Look Forward to the New Location

Investigate all the amenities your new location offers. Make a list of those activities you want to do there. That way, you’ll reframe your move as an adventure—even a holiday!

Tie Up Loose Ends

For more tips on no-stress moving, contact the expert removalists at Zoom Removals. Book your removal today.

You’ve booked your removalist. Moving day is coming up quickly. How can you make sure your new home makes you feel welcome from Day One?

Start by Researching the New Neighbourhood

Make sure you have everything covered in advance—from the nearest takeaway food spot’s number already entered into your phone’s contact list to your kids’ medical records transferred to your new doctor. Map out the streets nearby. Use Google Maps to get a feel for the area. Help your children memorise their new phone number and address.

Have Services Turned on Before You Arrive

Nothing’s worse than arriving at your new home, only to discover that the power won’t come on for a day or two. You have no landline, no lights, no Internet, and no heat. To avoid that nightmare scenario, make sure that all the services are turned on before you arrive. Use a portable phone charger that works with your car’s battery to make sure you have uninterrupted service, even in the worst-case scenario.

Make Sure You’ve Packed Boxes for Your First Few Days

After the Removalists Leave, What Next?

You’ve spent a day on the road. Your removalists have just brought the final box inside your new home. You’re exhausted. What next?

For more tips on making your move a better experience, contact the expert removalists at Zoom Removals today.

Many people procrastinate about packing for their upcoming move. Perhaps it’s a tinge of sadness about leaving a home they’ve lived in for years. Maybe it’s a bit of nerves about moving into a new neighbourhood or into a new job. Maybe it’s just the fear of breaking Aunt Clara’s heirloom dishes.

Whatever holds you back, one thing is certain: procrastination won’t put off your moving date. The removalists will arrive in their big truck and take your stuff to its new home. So you won’t spend sleepless nights doing last-minute packing, here are some tips to help you conquer your packing woes.

Research Your New Neighbourhood and Workplace

Becoming familiar with the people and layout of your new home and workplace can go great lengths toward making you feel at home in your new digs. Use Google Maps to get a feel for the streets and places of business. You’ll soon find yourself wishing moving day would come sooner!

Book Your Removal Quickly

As soon as you know you’ll need to move, book the date with the removalists. Mark it on your calendar. Make it a point to pack a few things every day, spaced out just enough to have them all ready by moving day. Get as many free boxes from your removalist as you can. Not having enough boxes can keep you from staying on schedule.

Arrange for Special Treatment for Heirlooms

Most reputable removalists will take special care of your heirlooms. Don’t trust them to your own devices. Professional removalists have experience moving even priceless treasures. They will take good care of your Aunt Clara’s Victorian-era dishes.

Keep Plenty of Supplies on Hand

When you pack, you’ll need tape, packing paper, and a good supply of marking pens and labels. Don’t forget to order plenty of these before you start packing. Make it easy on yourself by making quick meals or order takeaway food for your packing sessions. If you run short of time, invite the neighbours in to help. Be sure to feed them well, and they’ll return to help you again.

Label Boxes Clearly with the Room Where They’ll Go

To avoid confusion upon arrival, make it easy on yourself. Label each box with the name of the room in its new home. Unpacking will be more organised and faster when you do.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Above all, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Friends, family, and neighbours all might be willing to lend a hand. Turn it into a party with everyone bringing some takeaway food. If time’s tight, you can pay just a little extra and have your removalists pack for you. That way, you can focus your time on saying your goodbyes and researching your new neighbourhood.

When it’s time to move, it’s time to call the experienced removalists at Zoom Removals for a smooth, stress-free moving day. Book your removal with Zoom today.

You’ve been offered a job in a city far from home. Work’s hard to find in your own town, and this opportunity dropped into your lap. Before you call the removalists, take the time to weigh your decision before you pack up and move.

Make Sure That the Job Offer Is a Sure One

Do you have an airtight contract? Paid relocation expenses? If not, make sure you have a Plan B and a Plan C before you decide to take the job.

Spend time weighing your decision. Can you find something similar close to your current home?

Are living expenses in the new city commensurate with the money you’ll make in the new job? When it comes to moving for employment, it pays to be extra careful. Don’t let emotion cloud your decision.

If a lesser-paying job in your current town would net you more in buying power than your new job, think long and hard before you decide to move. On the other hand, if the new job provides you with a better chance to advance in your field, moving may be the best decision, even if you have to pinch pennies in the short term.

Look at Your Timeline

If you do decide to take the job, look at the date you are supposed to start. Start planning all the things you have to do before you move.

Create a schedule and stick to it, particularly if there’s a tight deadline. Don’t think you have to do everything yourself.

Outsource Tasks before You Move

Hire a babysitter or a pet sitter so you can take care of needed tasks before you move. Eat takeaway food to avoid cooking and dishwashing.

Many removalists, too, will pack your things for you for an extra fee. That in itself can save hours of your time.

Don’t run all over town to find boxes. Most reputable movers will provide boxes for you. It will save time and the removalists’ boxes are much sturdier than those you get at the supermarket.

What about Your Old Home?

Make arrangements to find a real estate agent who can sell or lease your current home. Your removalists may be able to give you some good recommendations. They may even know of someone moving into the town you want to leave!

Make sure that all your clutter is cleared when potential tenants or buyers look at your home. Clutter translates to ‘no storage room’ for people looking at a home.

More storage space will bring more buyers to your door. Consider staging your home as well. Many interior designers specialise in creating a welcoming look to attract buyers.

Tie All the Loose Ends

You’ll need to arrange to transfer your medical and dental records, change your address with Australia Post, and find a place to live in your new location if your new company does not provide temporary or permanent housing.

When you’ve made your decision to move, don’t forget to call the expert removalists at Zoom Removals. We handle interstate moves as well as those to nearby cities.

We’ll be only too happy to help you as you embark on your new venture. Book your move with Zoom today.

While moving house feels stressful for everyone, the transition can be particularly hard on children. Little ones adapt to their environments easily, so when they need to leave familiarity behind, they may feel a sense of loss. For you, as a parent, the logistical aspects can cause anxiety too. Fortunately, there are ways to make moving house with children less problematic.

Let them take ownership of their new environment

From introducing them to local activities to allowing them to design their room, letting your child take ownership of their new environment helps them gain a sense of control. Some of the ways to do this include:

The sense of control they will feel should reduce some of the feelings of loss.

Involve them in the moving process

Children over a certain age love to feel as though they are taking part in grownup activities. While the idea of letting little hands play a role in packing and decluttering may not always seem appealing, it may make them feel more at ease with the situation.

Naturally, this process is stressful for you too. As such, when it comes to the larger packing tasks, consider hiring professional help. In doing so, you can free up time to plan aspects of your new life such as schools, your commute, and childcare.

Maintain a positive attitude

No matter what their age, your child is smart enough to detect when you’re feeling high levels of stress. Although you can’t mask negative emotions entirely, saying positive words and focusing on the exciting elements of moving home will reduce your child’s anxiety.

Finally, when moving house with children, don’t forget to let them know you’re happy to answer all and any questions. By maintaining open lines of communication, you can make the process more placid.

Before your removalists show up at your front door, before you ever pack up your belongings in boxes, you want to make sure you’re not taking any unwanted guests into your new home. A good way to ensure that you’re not taking along any critters other than your pets is to have both your new home and your old home rid of pests before you pack up and leave.

Mice, pantry moths, clothes and carpet moths, and even fleas can hide within the folds of your carpets or other belongings without leaving a trace—until you arrive on your new doorstep.

Rid Your Home of Flying, Jumping Pests before You Move

Fleas and moths can lay eggs, which may hatch into larvae once you arrive at your new home. Even the larvae themselves are difficult to see. Be sure to have your pets up to date on their pest control method as well.

Say Bye-Bye to Rodents before the Removalists Arrive

Mice, unfortunately, can get into openings as small as six to seven centimetres. Since mice are nocturnal, you’ll never see them sneaking into your moving boxes. They’ll just show up at your next home, ready for a feed.

To keep these pests—or others—from hitching a ride with your removalists, hire a reputable pest control company to inspect your home for evidence of a pest infestation. If they find any, have your home treated before you pack up your belongings.

Keep up Pest Control if You’re Leasing Out Your Old Home

If you plan to lease your former home, make sure to arrange for regular pest control inspections, even if your local regulations don’t require it. Pests can do a lot of damage—even in a year’s time—which will hurt your resale value or your ability to rent it out to a new tenant.

Don’t forget to have your new home treated before you move in, too. Start out with a clean slate and keep up regular inspections once you arrive.

Country Removals May Bring More Pest Risks

That’s doubly true if you’re moving to a rural location. More undeveloped land means more room for pests to thrive outdoors until you show up on the scene. Once they sense that there’s food inside, they’ll find a way to come inside to enjoy a feast, well away from their natural predators.

If moving preparations—like pest control—have put you behind schedule, don’t panic. Have your removalist do your packing for you.

After you’ve made arrangements with your pest control service, it’s time to call in the removalists. For a smooth move across town or to the country, book your move with the experts at Zoom Removals today.

Whether your parents need to move to a retirement village, an assisted living facility or just another home that offers one-floor living, it still can be traumatic—no matter how much they want to move.

That’s especially true if they have lived in their former home a long time. If it’s the home in which you grew up—even you might even grow misty-eyed when the removalists pull up to the door. In other words, it can be a challenge for everyone involved. Here are some tips:

Don’t Hurry Them Along

Book the removalists several months ahead, so you don’t have to rush your parents. After all, they need time to process the upcoming change of location. Emotions run high, so don’t pack away Great-Grandma’s treasured clock that always sat on the mantel just yet. Wait until Mum and Dad indicate they’re ready.

Assure Them That They Can Keep Their Most Treasured Objects

A treasured memento may look like junk to you, but to your parents, it’s a repository of precious memories. If there are objects that are of high value—either emotionally or money-wise, arrange for your removalists to give them special care. Make sure that your parents know that these belongings will be protected on their journey to their new home.

Help Your Dad and Mum Pack

Take a few hours each week to help them pack their photo albums, old clothing, and knick-knacks. Talk with them as they pack these items. It will help them relive fond memories and help you grow closer to them.

Take Your Parents on Several Trips to Their New Home

Before your move, take them to their new home several times before they leave their old one. Doing that will help them adjust to the move. Encourage them to imagine their belongings in their new home. As they see how their belongings will complement the interior of their new home, they will become more enthusiastic about the move. A trip out several times will also get them used to leaving their former home.

Once the Removalists Leave, Help Your Parents Arrange Their Furniture

If your parents haven’t any preferences as to the furniture arrangement, try to arrange the furniture as close to the arrangement of the furniture in their original home as possible. It will help them make their adjustment to their new home go more easily.

Keep in Touch

Visit your parents often, especially during the critical first weeks of their move. Encourage them to meet other residents or neighbours for social activities. Take them out to local restaurants, libraries, or parks where they can enjoy all the amenities in their new location.

Follow these tips, and your parents might even become excited about their new adventure in life! To book your parents’ move—or your own—contact the caring staff at Zoom Removals today.