3 Terrific Decluttering Tips from Sydney Removalists

Whether you store your extra stuff in your garage, in a spare room, or crammed into closets, you need to go through your collection of things before the arrival of your removalists. Sydney removalists expert Adam and his team from Zoom Removals have some decluttering tips to make your move go more smoothly.

1. Realise What You’ll Gain If You Declutter Your House

Removalists usually charge by the hour or by the size of the load. The fewer items they have to pack and unpack, the less they’ll charge. Not to mention, you’ll have fewer items to unpack and stow away when you reach your new home. Make a clean sweep, and you’ll be rested and refreshed before you start your new life.

2. Organise Your Belongings into Categories

Certainly, there will be some family heirlooms you won’t want to part with. Put those off to the side so you can alert your removalists to take special care when they pack. As for the rest of the stuff, it’s time to go to work. Designate four more areas in your packing room. You’ll label each area so you’ll know at a glance what item goes where. Here are your categories:

Toss: Put unusable items that you can’t repurpose, broken items, old catalogues and other unnecessary papers in this pile. When you finish, you’ll put everything in your “Toss” pile into trash bags and take them to the rubbish bin. Dispose of hazardous items carefully so you don’t pollute the environment.

Sell: Outgrown clothes and sports equipment, costume jewellery you received as a gift and never wore, that stoneware set from the 80s that will look hideous in your new contemporary dining room, all can help you offset your moving expenses if you hold a garage sale or sell them on Gumtree.

Donate: Your unwanted items may bring joy to people who have little in life. Refugee centres, battered women’s shelters, or charity thrift stores can recycle your usable apparel, toys, décor, and furniture to help those less fortunate get a foothold on a new life.

Keep: In addition to your family heirlooms and antiques, you’ll have other belongings you’ll want to take with you to your new home, such as furniture and china. After you’ve removed the unwanted items to the trash, sold them, or have taken them to a charity, you’ll need to start packing the smaller items in the “Keep” section. Some removalists even provide free boxes to their customers, so be sure to check.

3. Let the Professionals Handle Your Heirlooms and Furniture

Leave the heirlooms and large items to the expert furniture removalists. Sydney families rely on Zoom Removals for more than 9,000 moves each year, so you know you’ll be in good hands if you choose Zoom. If you extra need assistance on decluttering your home, contact us today!

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